Web Sales Funnels

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To plan an effective web sales funnel we start by looking at your most profitable offers as a starting point, we then build a sales funnel for each of the offers you want to get more clients for and start running ads.

The funnel can either be a website sales funnel which will have a specially built landing page for each of the offers to promote, it can also be a standalone landing which is not connected to your website or a webinar funnel to promote your coaching program or done-for-you services.

Website Sales Funnel

The best type of funnel to build a solid brand, each of your offers will have its own specially built landing page accessible through your website navigation. We then run ads to each of the landing pages to start generating leads and clients for the offers you want to promote.

Single Page Sales Funnel

To promote a single offer this is often an effective option and does not require you to have a website. We build a landing page just to promote one offer which is hosted in our platform or a platform of your choice and finally run ads to the landing page.

Webinar Sales Funnel

To promote your coaching program or done-for-you offer, a webinar funnel is very effective as it allows you to pre-qualify clients and close the sales in the end of the webinar, with very little involvement in the process after it is done and tested.

This type of funnel requires more upfront preparation to build the webinar, test it against the audience, get feedback and optimize but in the end provides a nearly automated selling machine with either an option to pay in the end of the webinar or a call booking feature to get on a strategy session / sales call.

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