Facebook Ads

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Currently the best platform for advertising B2C and B2B, Facebook Ads has over 2 billion active users across the world and provides the functionality to define your target audience with accurate demographics, narrowing down to specific interests.

FB Ads for Consultants

Facebook interest based audience targeting allows you to virtually reach any niche and present a tailored offer. Unlike Google, the Ads on Facebook have more than just a click, you will be able to engage with potential clients directly on the ad comments sections and through messages received in your page. This is a great way to test new offers and get immediate feedback from your audience.

FB Ads for Coaches

For promoting coaching programs webinar based funnels work best and the ads are normally shared by the audience who also tag their friends to watch the free webinar as long as there is value. When working with coaches we pay close attention to every step of the funnel from the ads to registration rate, attendance rate, booking rate and sales. This way we can easily diagnose and determine what needs optimizing to ensure your success.

FB Ads for Service Providers

When you have a whole range of services, we start by determining the most profitable services to start with as those will normally bring in the best ROI. It is important to define KPI's such as average profit per sale after costs for each of your services so we can plan a solid strategy and target cost to acquire new clients. In our process we guide you through step by step and help you plan the growth of each of your services.

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