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As a Digital Marketing Agency with more than 12 years experience in international markets we've developed a range of proven solutions to help you get more clients.

A well known source of clients, Google has several options for advertising. For direct response the best options are Google Search and Gmail Ads. For branding the best is Google Display Network Banner Ads and YouTube Ads.

Your website is equivalent to a 24/7 sales person who can handle virtually unlimited numbers of clients. As such it must be operating at peak efficiency to squeeze the maximum results from your advertising investment. For each of your offers we build a specialized sales funnel, track results and ROI.

Currently the most effective platform for advertising due to the highly detailed targeting available from all the information Facebook has including accurate demographics and a diversity of user interests.

Facebook Groups are an great source of new clients who are on Facebook through the entire day with groups covering all kinds of niches, B2B and B2C.

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