About Evolution

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Members of Evolution are High Ticket Coaches and High Ticket Consultants committed to serving their clients and delivering a life changing outcome.

Stage 1 - Clarity

To evolve your business you need clarity on what problems you love to solve that are life changing for those you work with and make you feel fulfilled.

After you have total clarity you will evolve to the next stage.

Stage 2 - Foundations

You will build the foundations for your offer, set up your sales funnel and define the processes that will allow you to serve your clients efficiently.

You will advance to the next stage when your foundations are ready.

Stage 3 - 100 Clients

You will start advertising and sending potential clients to your sales funnel, improve your sales skills, build a small team and automate your processes.

Once you reach 100 clients you will advance to Stage 4.

Stage 4 - Millionaire

Now that you have over 100 clients you will enhance your funnels for upselling, launch a second offer and repeat the Evolution process.

Evolve more offers into stage 4 to multiply your income.

Evolution Levels

As you progress through Stages you will also level up your income. Every offer you have has a Stage and a Level so that you can establish your goals more easily and see your progress from a different perspective.

Level 1

under $5k/month

Level 2

$5k to $10k

Level 3

$10k to $20k

Level 4

$20k to $50k

Level 5

$50k to $100k

Level 6

$100k to $200k

Level 7

$200k to $500k

Level 8

$500k to $1M

Level 9

$1M to $2M

Level 10

$2M to $5M

Level 11

more than $5M