Case Study - Mauro Stara - Online Fitness Coach

Lead Pipeline View

Build a strong pipeline

An overview of your pipeline can quickly show you all your opportunities, the value based on the price of your offer and allow you to quickly drag & drop leads between stages, as well as edit them by simply pressing the name.
For leads imported from Facebook the Messenger chat and Profile buttons will be displayed.

Assign Message Templates to Your Pipelines

Boost productivity

By assigning message templates to your pipeline stages you can simply press the chat button to open messenger with the template pre-loaded in your clipboard. Once messenger chat opens you simply paste the personalized message.

Import Your Leads from Facebook

Save time and start selling quickly

The import feature allows you to import Facebook Friends Lists (your own and from others as long as their list is visible to you) and also the members list from any Facebook Group you are a member of. When importing from Facebook Groups you can assign the source of the lead to the specific Facebook Group to keep track of your sales for each group.
The bulk open features allow you to effortlessly open multiple profiles or messenger chats.

Discover Which Groups Your Leads Come From

Identify your best sources of customers

The Facebook Groups module helps you identify which groups are bringing you most results so that you and your team can focus your efforts in the most effective groups. Build stronger relationships and deliver more value to the audiences that are more likely to be interested in your offers.